June 4, 2007

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On behalf of all of the staff here at Mike’s Face, we want to thank you for your visit and let you know you are not alone in your obsession with Mike D’Amico’s facial hair.

This website is here to keep you updated on any and all happenings related to Mike’s face.

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We are completely dedicated to quenching your need for Mike-D’Amico-facial-hair-related information (as much as is possible).

We realize that the prospect of subduing your Mike’s facial hair desires may seem unlikely to many of you. It felt that way to us. But between this website and our “In the Cut” mailing list (click and send “Join” to join), we are confident that your unending need will finally be (at least partially) satiated.

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It’s “The Homeless”!!!!

June 4, 2007

The HomelessSources close to Mike D’Amico have confirmed today that as of this morning his current facial hair configuration of choice is The Homeless (artist’s rendering pictured at left). We are very excited for Mike’s latest selection!

Coming off of a long run with The Lumberjack, this new look for Mike is similar, but sends a much different message. The Homeless not only oozes sensuality, but screams things like, “I don’t like to shave,” and, “Ugh…*cough*, *cough*…what time is it?”

Great choice, Mike!!!!!!

Pictures coming soon!!!!!!